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Making sure you are safe

A registered service

All our Shared Lives Camden carers are trained so they know how to support you. We do lots of checks to make sure you feel safe and happy.

If you are worried or have any questions about your Shared Lives carer you can always chat to us in the Shared Lives Team. It is our job to make sure you feel safe and happy while you’re staying with your Shared Lives carer.

Shared Lives Camden is a registered service which means we are checked by an organisation outside of Camden called the Care Quality Commission. They check that we are doing a good job. They write a report to say how we are doing, and you can read the report on their website.

Shared Lives Camden is supported by a charity called shared lives plus. Shared lives plus give advice and guidance to shared lives schemes across the country. Over 12000 people are supported by shared lives all over the country.

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COVID-19 vaccine information is given to our carers and we suggest that they take up the offer of a vaccine. This is to help keep them and the person they care for better protected from Covid-19.

Shared lives Camden will give a supporting letter to each new carer to prove that they are a registered carer so they can be vaccinated. 

People will be asked to test for COVID-19 and self-isolate before any placements can begin.

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