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Get support from Shared Lives

What happens?

This page tells you what happens if you decide that Shared Lives Camden would be a good way for you to get support to do the things you want to do. 

  • Your Social Worker will tell us in the Shared Lives Camden team that you want to find a Shared Lives carer to live with. 
  • We will chat to you and ask you about the things you like and things you do not like and if there is anything you want help with. You can ask us any questions about Shared Lives. 
  • We will tell you about some of our Shared Lives carers who would be a good person for you to move in with to do the things you want to do. 
  • You will meet up with people who could be your Shared Lives carer a few times and go and look the room you might be staying in and make up your mind about if you like it. If you don’t we will look at other choices with you because it is your choice and you are in control. 
  • We will help you with everything like moving in and making decisions and so will your Social Worker and you can take a family member or friend to all the meetings to help you make your mind up. 
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Working with you

We work with you and with your new Shared Lives Camden carer to do the things you said you want to do and things you want to learn

It is really important that you move in with a Shared Lives carer who you think is really nice and fun and who can help you to get better at things you find difficult.

Find out how we make sure we find the best Shared Lives Carer for you.

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