It is estimated that fraud costs Councils £2.1bn every year and every £1 lost is £1 that cannot be spent on supporting the local community. Council tax single person discount fraud is just one aspect of this, so we are carrying out a review of all households within Camden claiming single person discount on their council tax bill.  

This exercise is being undertaken by Civica on behalf of the Council.  You will see their Pershore address on the form you receive, but rest assured this is a genuine request on behalf of the Council. Our aim is to provide residents with the best possible service during the review by offering clear instructions for completing the forms that should be returned. However, sometimes, circumstances may not be so easy to explain. 

To help in these situations, we have included below, the most frequently asked questions that can arise throughout the period of the review. Please bear with us during this review.

Information and FAQs: Single Person Discount Review