Environment Service priorities and contract

Camden has four priorities for its environmental services:

  • managing Camden’s local environmental quality to an agreed standard
  • minimising rubbish and maximising participation in reuse and recycling
  • generating additional surplus from business recycling and waste services
  • increasing local employment opportunities and local economic development

Our environmental services contract with Veolia will be in place until 2024-25, with the potential for an eight-year extension.

The key environment services contract documents are: 

The contract is reviewed annually. The latest available report is for 2021-22:

Previous reports:

Camden Reduction and Recycling Plan: 2023-2025

Camden’s 2025 vision is to be a clean, vibrant and sustainable borough.

To achieve this, we will work with our residents, communities and businesses to reduce the use of packaging, particularly plastic, recycle more of our waste and move  towards a more circular economy.

A 'circular economy’ is one where we use things for as long as possible, and those that  we no longer need or want are repaired, reused, shared or traded to help our community and reduce waste.  

Our Reduction and Recycling Plan (RRP) sets out how we intend to do this from 2023 - 2025. 

Camden's Reduction and Recycling Plan: 2023-2025 [PDF]

Previous report:  

Camden's Reduction and Recycling Plan: 2018-2022 [PDF]