A Green Badge is for disabled people who need to park in parts of Camden where there are limited parking spaces available. It can only be used in the Green Badge Zone

You must already have a Blue Badge to get a Green Badge.  

Where you can park 

If you have a Blue Badge and a Green Badge, you can park in: 

  • blue badge bays 
  • shared use loading bays 
  • shared use disabled bays 
  • resident's bays 
  • metered pay and display bays 

Where to display your permit 

You must display your Green Badge in the front windscreen of your vehicle. The barcode must be facing upwards. 

If you do not display your badge correctly, you could get a parking ticket and your vehicle could be removed.  

When to display both your green and blue badge 

You need to display both badges if you want to park in: 

  • a residents bay  
  • a metered bay 
  • a pay and display bay 


You can use your Green Badge for up to 3 vehicles. Your badge can only be used in one vehicle at a time. 

Lost or stolen Badges 

If your badge is lost or stolen you must report it to the police. 

We will replace stolen badges for free if you give a crime reference number. Other replacements cost £10. 

Green Badge misuse 

You must not lend your Green Badge to anyone else, or it could be taken away. It is a criminal offence: 

  • for able bodied people to use your Green Badge, they could get a a fine of up to £1,000 
  • to make a false statement for the purpose of getting a Green Badge, this can result in a fine of up to £2,500 

Apply for a Green Badge 

Find out more and apply for a Green Badge