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Pay and benefits

What you'll get

“Being a Shared Lives Camden carer has enriched my life no end. I am mindful that its my job but really we are like good friends, I love helping him to build on independence skills and seeing his confidence grow. It also allows me flexibility with my time, we work out our commitments for the week together, it just works!” – Sal, Shared Lives Carer 

As a Shared Lives Camden carer you will earn between £506.49 and £611.32 each week as a self-employed carer.

Professional, ongoing support is available to advise if this would affect any benefits you may already claim.

What you'll get

You will receive free training and support to make sure you feel safe and comfortable at every step of the way as a Shared Lives carer. 

As a Shared Lives carer you will also get: 

  • An additional £18,140 a year in tax relief as a self-employed carer. 
  • 28 days’ paid respite from your caring role
  • 100% council tax exemption for full time and respite carers who complete a minimum of 52 nights of support annually.  
  • Free membership to Shared Lives Plus which includes your public liability insurance, carer support and access to the national network of over 11,000 carers. 
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